Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valerie Dore- Emotion

Valerie Dore- Emotion

I haven't been able to find any information about this song. In my search I couldn't even find it on an album. It's a great song, though for those who love romantic dance Italo Disco. With a prominent dance beat at 113 bpm that never breaks, a melancholy melody played on synth and electric guitar, and dreamy, emotional french vocals, "Emotion" is great song for creating a nostalgic and romantic vibe on the dance floor.

Valerie Dore was a pop star from the early to mid 1980s in Italy and France.
Valerie Dore is the name of a musical project, not a real person. The person portraying Valerie Dore is actually Monica Stucchi who often lip syncs the vocals which were sung by a variety of different women over Valerie Dore's career.

Monica Stucchi has a history with the stage dating back to age 15 singing songs in Italian bars. She was a fashion model at the time she was discovered by the successful Italian music family, Nicolosi. Monica's good looks and other-worldly dance and stage performance made her the perfect woman to front a romantic pop music group even if she wasn't the real singer.

The singer who actually did most of the singing for Valerie Dore is Italian singer Dora Carofiglio. Dora Carolfiglio is a prominent female vocalist in Italo Disco. She was the vocalist on "Call Me Mr. Telephone" by Answering Service and "Funky is On" by Funky Family. Valerie Dore is cited as one of contemporary Swedish electro-pop singer, Sally Shapiro's vocalist influences.

Monica Stucchi did do a bit of singing on Valerie Dore recordings. I wonder if she is the voice on "Emotion".


MisterJerem said...

It's not Valérie Dore who sings 'Emotion'but Jakie Quartz,a great 80's pop singer! Just Check :
Good weekend !

luka said...

So how come there is no info on emotion, jesus! there is nothing to be found!!!! how can that be, emotion is amongst the top italo tracks, great production, avantgarde.

Abigail Gonzalez said...

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