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Frivolous is the imaginary personification of Daniel Gardner's obsession with sound-design for both dancing and living alike. Manifesting itself in a multitude of performances and recorded works, his sound has been described as Jazz-infused minimal or experimental house. Stemming from an educational background in Classical Piano, electronics and Interdisciplinary Design, his "dynamic" one-man performances have taken stage from Montreal to Germany, Moscow to Texas, and many places in between all the way back to his birthplace of Vancouver BC . Currently, Gardner is calling Berlin "Home".
(taken from the Frivolous Myspace page )

Frivolous played a live set this past Thursday in Portland at Rotture. Portland was his first show in his most recent US west coast tour. Fresh off the jet from Berlin, the jetlagged Daniel Gardner gave Portland a spectacular perfomance incorporating live keyboard playing, live vocals through his red vintage telephone, and ambient/experimental tones derived from his contact mic on a knife jabs on metal-looped and effected to add a more analog and organic layer to his songs.

Check out this video to get a glimpse at what he does.

Video of Frivolous performing live.

I took a bunch of photos at the show. To view more please visit my page.
Aside from being an excellent experimental house producer, Daniel Gardner also makes great DJ mixes. My favorite of his DJ mixes is titled, "House of Glass".

DJ Daniel Gardner- "House of Glass" mix

Here is the track listing he gave for "House of Glass"
1. Minilogue - Certain Things About Us (Part2)
2. Dub Kult - BIP
3. MIA - Safe Night
4. Thomas Melchior & Luciano - Father
5. Roman - So In La With Ya (Losoul Remix)
6. Miskate - A Day In The Life of Us
7. Pepe Bradock - Panash
8. Heiko Laux - Moved (Villalobos Rmx)
9. I only wish I knew this one... just an email promo that i always play that is called: NML08B1...???
10. Can't remember or find this one either... sorry.
11. Wishmoutain - Radio
12. Justin Marin & Sammy D - Swamp Thing
13. Soul Phiction Feat. Suzana Rozkosny - Appelle Moi
14. Max Mohr - Old Song
15. It is some
International Pony - Leaving Home / Losoul Feat Maite Warriors - Jam
Mash-Up... again... ?

Visit his MySpace page to hear more songs.
He's got a ton of releases available on vinyl, CD, and digital download. His music is well worth your money, so please support this artist and buy his music.

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