Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DW Remix of "Spacer Woman"

Illustration by DW Design

"Spacer Woman" is one of my favorite Italo Disco tracks. In the original, the singer's warbling voice sounds so sad and earnest, like a softer version Nico. She makes me feel as though she is on the verge of having her heart broken and is pleading for love and trust from the cold and suspicious Earthling she's singing to. I was very excited when I saw that DW remixed this song. His version begins with a more prominent, meditative, and droning bass line then suddenly jumps right into the vocal hook of the song with a new flirty feel. His playful use of reverberating drum fills, looping, and a new cheerful, baroque-style synth harpsichord melody color the singer as a more confident and optimistic Spacer Woman.

Charlie- Spacer Woman (DW Remix)

Charlie- Spacer Woman (original)

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Jason said...

You trip me out. Your description of a track is like someone describing the feel of a Caribbean ocean breeze on acid. I had to do a search just now to make sure I spelled Caribbean right... It just doesn't sound right, you know? Carib-bean. Not so blue, warm and wooshy like the tide on a beach. Anyway, I'd just like to say I love your description, but I'll check out the track later... when I'm not just getting home from a Combichrist show. Ta

Patricia said...

Thanks for reading and commenting! Yay! You are in for a treat if this will be your first time hearing Spacer Woman:) I hope I am describing the music accurately, but at the very least I piqued your interest! There is so much terminology and music theory I don't know about, but am trying to learn right now. Trying to put my observations into words is hard, but fun:) I'm glad you like the description:)

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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