Friday, January 16, 2009

The Baron Von Luxxury

Last Thursday I met the Baron Von Luxxury while he was visiting Portland. He's a friend of my San Francisco friend, Eli Glad who referred him to me as someone to meet while in town and get a Portland booking from. I'd never heard of him before, but I had heard of his blog, Disco Workout. After viewing his MySpace page and website and listening to his original tracks and remixes, I soon realized this Baron Von Luxxury's got talent! He was only in town for a short window of time, but I was able to get him a guest spot at my friend Marlon Brendo's night, "546 Tuesdays" at Red Cap. Unfortunately, I was really sick that night and missed his show, but by Thursday I was in good enough condition to get out of the house.
That Thursday evening we met for sushi, a warm drink at Rimsky's, and then dashed off to Rotture for DJ Beyonda's, "There's A Hole In My Soul" for a great soul music dance party. That night I had one of the best conversations with this creative and intelligent man spanning the topics of the dance music scene in Portland and San Francisco, advertising, political power conspiracies, Scientology, careerism, Italo Disco, Jewish history, Jews in contemporary art and media, and so much more. By the end of the night I made a new friend. Now that I've had a chance to check out some of his music, I'm also a fan.

Check out these two songs by the Baron Von Luxxury:

Baron Von Luxxury- Y Control (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)

Glass Candy- I Always Say Yes (Baron Von Luxxury remix Parts II & III)

Bonus: Check out this awesome article about him in the San Francisco Chronicle .

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