Monday, January 12, 2009

Alexander Robotnick- Dance Boy Dance

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I am starting to share my music collection with friends and instead of burning CDs I'm going to to put stuff on here for them to listen to and download. "Dance Boy Dance" is one of my favorites songs by Alexander Robotnick. He is one of the bright stars of the Italo Disco legacy and is still making great music and tours as a DJ to this day in his 50s. His music and life are inspiring to me. His music is full of mood and drama. He invents a bizarre musical persona for himself, Alexander Robotnick, a Russian worker who moves to Paris to become part of the romantic artist life there.

In an interview he gave in 1984, Alexander Robotnick says this about "Dance Boy Dance":

"Dance Boy Dance is undoubtedly an underground track: In those days I'd work in a windowless basement lit up by colored neon-lights which I called "My Cripta". It reflects the kind of mood there was in Florence in the early 80s: A mix of irony and darkness that was very exciting and spontaneous, but unfortunately vanished, choked by fashion and "stylism" during the mid 80s. In all the tracks I did as Robotnick there is always something theatrical. So I'd imagine the protagonist of the track as an old dirty guy who is turned on by some dancing boys, a somewhat horror scene. And in fact I used it in Giovanotti Modani Meccanici versus Dracula, a theater show with Sandro Benvenuti as Dracula based on the comic strips by the same group published on Frigidaire."

Alexander Robotnick's website

Alexander Robotnick- "Dance Boy Dance"
(Alexander Robotnick 2003 remix version)

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