Sunday, April 12, 2009

Craig Drake Is Awesome!

Craig Drake is a talented guy. He's been making great dance music since the 90s in projects such as Cantina, PJ Pooterhoots, Lleggs, and a new secret project I have yet to hear. He's also the senior designer at Lucas Films Online. "I make sure lasers look good on the internet" jokes Drake in an interview with
Click on this link to read the full article.

The illustration below was created by Drake for after they saw some of the Patrick Nagel style illustrations he had been working on over the past couple of years. The Gudren Wolf icon for this blog was also created by Craig Drake. He is currently working on many more "Craigels" that will be on exhibit in Portland, Oregon at the Neon party at the Branx nightclub on Friday, June 5th. He will also be performing his music live as PJ Pooterhoots at this show.

In the spirit of Star Wars, here's a remix of "Cantina" by Craig Drake under one of his early projects called Cantina.

Cantina- Mos Eisley Medley Craig Drake Original Version

PJ Pooterhoots- Liebe Meine Barf!

LLeggs- Those Amazing Winders


Robert said...

This is a cool Princess Leia! On a related matter, if you like Patrick Nagel's art, please come visit a new forum set up by some of his fans:

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