Monday, February 16, 2009

Bryan Zentz "Midnight Teeth"

Portland's techno hero, Bryan Zentz has a new 12" release out on Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva's label, Plus 8 called "Midnight Teeth". The 12" EP is home to two new songs, "Lokjaw" and "Shadowtalk". There are two additional tracks available for digital download, "Vania" and "Fixed Eye".

"Lokjaw" is a judicious choice for a minimal techno set that's about to peak. The name accurately describes the song's feeling of teeth grinding and heightened anticipation. It begins with an almost ominous bassline and the full bodied presence of a blown out bass drum. The vibe lightens and teases with each layer that drops. A warm, cricket-like percussion weaves among playful, wet bleeps and bloops. The beat shuffles and dances funky with the bassline. Zentz keeps the song unpredictable with lots of drum fills of exciting varieties and tastefully understated jazz and dub melodies. When "Lokjaw" is played you'll know it's time to shut up and dance.

Listen to the Bryan Zentz "Midnight Teeth" EP

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Jason said...

That's some crunchy, minimal bloopin' for sure. I have a house'ish track called Aqua Viva by Nostalgic Dance Orchestra. Related? or coincidence?